Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I won this product so happy

I  should post this yesterday but I have been busy for my kid celebration on his graduation I join a giveaway last week in order for me to win  I always keep joining  giveaways  product for my  co-bloggers friends One time I said going to take a break for joining as I knew that  
joining this contest is easy all you do is just have account and join. Go check it out and join the contest Anyways I went to my friend's site and  try my luck to enter who knows I win After  all I join I make a list who's the owner of the contest which is I join there are to many ha exactly right to have list every giveaways in that way I well not forget the names of the giveaways  which I did when I read the email it was me. Its a lucky day ha.  she has my email add.  then she telling me that I receive my won product as soon as   fast good thing
I got it on my mail feel so  happy and exciting  because the product is good and unique  perfect for my son's alphabet.Every Petite Lemon design is hand crafted and hand packaged,.  All of their alphabet posters are available in custom colors and many other stuffs.  I am happy I have to place this in a frame in that  way my son would not mess up.