Monday, November 25, 2013

My kid like the Wow peanut butter

Since its  just me and my son like to eat, who doesn't like the WOWButter I would buy it again, My kids like a peanut butter sandwich for a snack, their school is nut  free,While everyone is obsessing on the taste of this product, parents should not be concerned about this products soy content was glad that they trust me to do the review about Wowpeanut butter creamy I am greatful that my son would eat now peanut  butter creamyWOW Tastes Just Like Peanut Butter the perfect peanut butter replacement.  The
texture and Nutrition consumers demand.  Kids love the taste. A great source of complete protein and omega

Made in a 100% Peanut Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free Facility
No added colours, flavours or preservatives. Made with natural ingredients.
For my own experience  I asked some friends around with kids  they do not have an allergic reaction to nuts or peanuts and as I feel it does not have a reaction of allergy but on this review, I just wanted to share with that on my experience me and my son are not allergy on peanuts or nuts  I am glad he like to eat and he is taking a sandwitch also when he goes to school 
 And again it doesn't taste just  like Peanut Butter for me and my  little boy it still tastes good. First of all I would thanks for the company to trust me to work with them I also like to thank the great service and fast shipping they provided. The products arrived safely and well-packaged.

To learn more about the WOWButter, check out their website you can also like their facebook  page.


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