Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You get affordable life insurance for smoker

Insurance is very important for a person makes sense when you have coverage that will disappear at a specific point in time. For instance, you may decide that you only need coverage until your children graduate from college or a particular debt is paid off, such as your mortgage
how could you eve qualify for non-smoker rates The way would be to quit smoking. Although that is easier said when you think, if you are smoke free for one year, the insurance company may qualify you for non smoking rates. Another way is to ask your insurance broker about the innovative ways life insurance companies are pricing their policies in today's company.Having health insurance is important because coverage helps people get time medical care and improves their lives and health. Some may believe that people always have access to medical care because they can always go to an emergency room. But even areas with well supported safety care do not remove barriers to access to the same extent as does having health insurance. 

I would like to say if you are a young smoker, is to purchase life insurance while you are still young. Looking back at the example of the 10 year term policy, $21 per month is very affordable. As you get older, and continue to smoke, your coverage is guaranteed renewable, meaning you do not have to produce medical evidence at the end of the 10 year term. So if you develop a smoking related disease such as lung cancer, or emphysema, you can continue your coverage without medical evidence at the new rates. Just imagine being diagnosed with lung cancer, and not having or not being able to purchase life insurance, because you never bought it while you were young and healthy.

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It allows smokers to pay the non smoker rate for the first two years of being a policyholder. If you then successfully quit smoking for at least 12 consecutive months, at the end of year two, you can apply for non-smoker status. By answering a questionnaire, and submitting medical evidence approved by the insurance company, you may be able to continue the non-smoker rates. If you continue to smoke, then your premiums will be charged at smoker rates. Whether you are successful in quitting or not, this is an excellent opportunity to purchase life insurance at non-smoker rates, and be given the incentive to quit smoking, to maintain less costly rates. It's  a good idea to talk with an agent who specializes in obtaining life insurance for smokers. By working with a specialist agent, you can be sure that he or she will know the best insurance companies to contact in order to find the lowest rates. At the same time, make sure to contact several specialist agents. This way, you can obtain quotes from a variety of different sources and will have the greatest chance of obtaining a solid insurance plan at a reasonable rate. Some uninsured people may decide not to obtain insurance precisely because they expect not to need medical care, so simple comparisons of the insured and uninsured can be misleading. Many studies adjust for factors like age and health status that affect need for care. One recent study examined people who experienced an unintentional injury or a new chronic condition.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I'm very picky about perfumes but Opium  perfume is perfect  for me definitely I will wear it not strong and not sweet.
also. i like it when I'm going out i wear sometime but not very often because Its expensive don't  have money to buy, this kind of perfume is so great the smell is not unusual  definitely perfectly balanced and long lasting. It comes with a nice travel-sized bottle with it's own carrying case I seldom to wear because its expensive although I don't wear perfume  a lot once in a while we need to wear a good perfume in order for me to smell good  :-)  nice feeling when our friends say oh I like your perfume, take note you can buy  individual bottle for this you don't have to buy a whole package because its cost more just pick any bottle one if you want I"m sure your lovey Dovey like the smell of this perfume. I like the idea of shopping the perfume because smell good.

The lotion is also very nice and does not leave any sticky residue as some perfumed lotions can.  I bought  it  last year and I had to show amazing restraint to make it last  I get a compliment everytime I wear this. It is sweet, and has pretty good sillage for a lighter fragrance. This year I bought the bottle, and although I do have other frangrance but not expensive I can buy fragrance which is good on my pocket sometime we buy a an expensive perfume  we need it to wear on special occasion. I reach for this one more than half of the time. I just love it.