Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maintain your yard

Contemporary Ranch Front Yard Landscape
Front Yard Landscaping
Lisa Cox Landscape Design
Solvang, CA
Large Front Yard Lawn And Plantings
Front Yard Landscaping
Neave Group Outdoor Solutions
Stamford, CT

During weekend he work household chores  like cleaning the pool,  he just purchase  a  TV  couple of month ago he  put on the porch  in order to watch  during the day most of the time we hang out on porch or swimming during daytime lately its chilly outside we could not swim because the Temp. is getting cold  do my stuffs online, Good idea  we can relax and eat also, my favorite  spot  He is  busy during the weekend also he buy weeds killer for the lawn  I am not good when it comes for weeds although in America they can buy a chemicals for killing the weeds for  lawn.
Weed Killer is widely considered one of the most effective organic herbicides available in the market like Lowes and home Depot  it naturally strips weeds of the waxy plant causing  to dehydrate and die  a nonselective weed killer it can be use to clear  large tracts of land, I seen our neighbor they spray their lawn they have a big yard,  Its  Pretty to look when the yard is clean, our neighbor   want to get rid of  those pest plants and garden. When I came out this morning  they turn the sprinkle out side in the front yard which is I was kind of mad  I parking my car make the car all  wet  outside after four minutes they took it off it was off because I have to get in the car to drop my son  at school. in between their yard and our yard are close I Can't blame them I like to park because  there is shade on it.

When it comes to weed  It is better to act as soon as you sense the slightest growth of weed in your garden or yard  as it can be  difficult to deal with them once they start spreading. You can opt for chemical weed killers, which boast of being the best in the market, to get rid of the pests.

The  pest plants without coming hard on your lawn  if you have a huge lawn. You just need to make sure that you follow the instructions provided on the container properly.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Savanna G.

5 of 5 starsWe went out of town of  my Birthday  I was so happy because I am gonna see the Savanna Georgia place which is I heard from a friend of mine its absolutely beautiful.  And its true its  very nice when we went there it was breathtaking I seen many beautiful old houses, businesses, Condos, and many more aside on this I seen also carrousel horse ride they called it Horse carriage.  This is  tourist spot for people who is going to visit  down there from other countries as well as this place is amazing they were many celebrities filming here.

I could not imagine its way to old but looks really beautiful the Old buildings, stores, City hall and other businesses. We were walking the street  taking in the sights upon this cathedral taking some pictures  definitely worth your time to stop in and admire the architecture inside. They don't charge admission up to you can put donation in it.  I could say wow very  beautiful  ever.  The one that I am impressed  were the Beautiful Old Church which is they Called  St John the Baptist catholic church not only this church also the Hotels, and other transfortation like trolly its like a Bus you can pay the Trolly Bus and they gonna tour you for 2 hours I bit it worth because you well not tired seeing the beautiful places.  That impressed me.You must visit and see the beautiful, ornate cathedral.

You must visit St. John the Baptist Cathedral  Catholic church  the detail of the Stations of the Cross blew my mind.  The glass work on the Confessional was so beautiful  The entire inside  is an Amazing Work of Art the  archetic is very good to works you must be  seen or visit I'm pretty sure you well amaze how beautiful it was.  I was visiting Savannah with my friends for my  belated Birthday trip  This Cathedral was on the list of things to see and I'm so glad we didn't miss it. It is absolutely beautiful. It took less than an hour to see the church and it wasn't crowded at all.  We took our time and took in the beauty of the stained glass windows. So gorgeous ever certainly don't have churches this beautiful in  florida  I've seen cathedrals this nice in  Manila Philippines  they were many there at Intramorous  Philippines. They are different  in here because its in America its very Old place as you can see more than 100 years old cant you believe that I never seen in other Place in America  Anyways I thankful to my friends and my Bf.  Thanks God I seen in Person  Make this must see on my  list  next trip. 



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Enjoying his bath

We  know that we had a memorable experience and enjoyed our vacation in last Month glad my son can adjust  the weather good thing we have a great time over there.  At first it's  difficult because seems that he does not like the  cold water to put on his tub  taking a bath on the Pale  from  the faucet I mean,  but he does not like it.  I boil water and mix with cold water then when he takes a bath it is warm that makes him happy already he jus said I want to take a bath Mom, with boiled water.
haha. I was laughing I  agree for that his not get used to it taking a bath in the cold water is very Cold because living in America has a hot shower although I have no problem at all when it comes
to taking a bath or using bathroom I can deal with that I been living in America for many years I can adjust with it  after a couple of days good thing he can get used to it.

But after a couple of days again  I am happy that my son is cooperative his happy to tell me that he likes to taking a bath on the tub with warm water, Boil water and put it in the tub taking a bath everyday which is good  because it makes him fell cool its very hot everyday we have   aircon   in the house  but we did not  used very often because the bills gets  higher  he usually went to swimming  everyday in that way he feel cool as well as he went to the park with uncle V.  to play outside  I am glad were able to keep busy everyday same routine. There were many things to say about our vacation I can feel that it's good to live over there,  Both I like to live here in America  and I like to live in Phil. either way.

When we  travel of course we get sick but normally its only minor like  coughing and cold due to hot weather there and also it gets rains sometimes  during afternoon both me and my son had  been  sick so we take  medicine from the Doctor and  take relaxing time not to get out on the house  great we all gets better Its wonderful time to spend with my  family. I'm hoping we can take vacation in a next few years.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gone on vacation

 Started this month with a lot of works to do, don't  know where to start we have long vacation in Phil, I would say I forget how to start I am glad  when I check my computer   I start reading my old blogs which I knew I am behind I would say I supposed not to write because for some reason I got many stuffs to do since were gone for more than a month.   I m going into change my blog, its boring I could change the theme and color for now  because I want something looking new  blogs are required to be interesting right  If you want a solid return on your conten-marketing investment or reader  then you are forbidden from being boring. On my mind I could discuss other features of  my blog  such as the need for pictures, the diversity of content  the use of humor, etc,

 there’s been a lot of adjustments here and there.  feel like working online is pretty much stress sometimes but  it takes a  little bit of time  before my blogs get back up. used to be  I join blog hope on my friends on social media but I rather minimize it I have to fix the things that I need to be done I’ve been waking up in the  day and night our sleeping time is still not getting back yet we still have jetlag, Jet lag is temporary only  if you are a frequent traveler and  struggle with jet lag. Our hours in sleeping is night time  and when I am wake up its already night sleeping afternoon.  sometimes daytime,  I sleep only with in four  hours in that way I can sleep again during at night. My son  getting better on his sleeping sometimes he said his eyes is watery and painful but I told him it well be get back into normal when he start going to school. yesterday he is happy, said Mom I sleep last night, said good for you.  our time zone in Phil. is 12 hours  different  I am happy we get back our normal sleep, doing everything squeeze in between.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

back to School Again

I am glad we came home first week of this month on our vacation because need to be done shopping for school supply.  I am glad a friend of mine give me school supply for my kid like, Wide ruled Filler paper, Composition book, Colored pencils, 3 boxes of wood pencils, scissors, Crayons, binder Index dividers,  Kleenex, Hand soap, Clorox wipes and  5 Composition books different colors. I am so appreciated for her  she works in  day care she manage the buildings she has many stuffs for Children school supply I am glad she well be able to think of my son she such a nice friend of mine I am lucky to have her. I am so happy they are great persons include her husband.  What i need to buy is only his bag, I don't have to worry about his school supply because my friend given me already 

It’s officially Back to School  season and soon be time to get your kiddos ready for the new school year. Since we get home from our vacation got to do it  why not share a few ideas on how to do back-to-school shopping and not break the bank.  I done buy his outfits  then i  wait until the seasons change and prices get change I do like  Clearance sale racks, this are  my favorite when shopping for kids back to school clothing because i can discount it. 
Back-to-School time  is a good time to take advantage of sales prices on markes, crayons, and other supplies that can be used later for stocking stuffers  or  his birthday. My kid excited to go back to  school again.


Monday, June 2, 2014

I recieve Spring VoxBox from Influenster Perfect for summer

I am member on VoxBox Insfluenster. the Insfluenster is a community tastemakers, social media that  educated consumers who  give opinions of products and review the product they are great programs  people with specific interests  If your  a member you have to make sure Unlock 5 Expert Badges answer question as you can raising score, and make it update as soon as you can for me I answer question as well as I also doing survey I am glad I have rewards from them after spending time.  
if you are a member if your not a member you can't answer it. Members only have 5 keys with which to unlock expert badges, I am thrilled to  received my VoxBox  I love the variety of items,  like French Manicure for my nails, Car Freshener, Nivea Lotion, Playtex, and Lips care I do appreciated for giving the opportunity to review the product I thanks for them this is so cool for giving me the opportunity to try  these wonderful products.

Who would love to receive  box  filled with glam products  and I am lucky to receive this.  The weather is very warm here this is perfect for me  I need a lotion for my dry skin, I also use the mascara for my eyelashes make it look pretty, French Manicure is one of my favorite also I do my nails once a week or every other week its really good for nails Anyone would love this product because it's really great awesome.

thoughts and ideas with others and beauty products. Women love beauty product glad they sent me this

 I spend a lot of time online I know its not  easy after all   the hard work I have receive product for free  on  my honest opinion  the box full of amazing products to test including Eye Mascara, French Manicure Nails, Car Freshener, Nivea Lotion, Playtex and Lip Care. I would like to thank Influenster for giving me the opportunity to test these wonderful products.




Monday, May 5, 2014

victoria secret credit card and khols card

Let’s be honest, most people get something from their love one  which gives from Birthday, or any kind of occasion its  feel good when you receive a gift on someone else.  After my Oath taking  I feel happy to say that I am American Citizen was glad I am not renewing  My GC anymore I am very thanksful and bless because this year they were many happen in my life I  keep  praying that everything is gonna be fine sometimes I am losing hope to stay here,  However I am happy to say that when I got my Citizenship it change a lot with  helping of my honey dovey Bf  might be  I well fly and come back home, lol  I am  just kidding, life is so wonderful despite of many problems.   Anyways I took a pic both card Khols and Victoria secret.  although the Victoria secret is  a credit card, I have  rewards card it separate on this credit. Not on this blog. I took  both picture,    (Victoria credit card and My gift Khols card)    my next post I well write an article about my rewards card , I have also shopping stuff from which i could not post now just watch my blog with in next week I well post my shopping from victoria secret .

It was happen after three days of my Oath taking I went to pharmacy and print some pictures after few hours we went to D and Busters, we eat there as I expected but then he called me and want us to be home early :-D  As I already post this article on my other blog about surprise party from my super sweet Bf love him forever and ever, he give me gift card from Khols worth of $100 bucks what a Big Wow can you imagine he love me so much or I shall say he spoiled me a lot and lot what the lucky girl  Since this year I am so happy ever, if you knew I been in counter many personal  problem for many years because I have little boy who I raise myself, I though I am gonna crazy, I always pray  I get over and live a normal life, Now here  my morning is  sparkling  because theres is somebody who make me smile and happy and that's my super sweet Bf. is not perfect everyday but he is my perfect man to me, I 've always pray God is the center in our relationship,  I see it is a great feeling  when you pampered by your someone feeling I always happy, although I used the gift card already I shopping on the weekend it was wonderful and worth, I posted the pic about what I bought on my gift, just keep reading my blog,  Love my man so much.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A surprise party for me

I couldn't believe my sweet boyfriend surprised me a party on Saturday if you remember I've done my oath taking on my Citizenship ceremony  last Tuesday During that time  we order Japanese food to take out to  get home and eat we do this we knew he is  going to work at night as well as his friends also going to work early.  I am totally happy that I am citizen at last I am not renewing  my GC anymore however I well apply my Dual  citizen when I get back there in Ph.  I have to go consulate or closer Embassy and accepting an application for dual citizen  Anyhow after the ceremony was taken we went home and eat dinner Japanese food I love Japanese food as it is my favorite I  like sushi, and Sashimi  sushi and  sashimi it  mixed with soy sauce in the small sauce dish sashimi is product of the Sake rice wine mix 

I am so happy on this occasion because my Bf  order the food, in  Japanese, he make me special. we have a bunce of food that night on Tuesday. his friends is Japanese so he order different type of  Raw seafood and other food. He also order a cook food, although it's good to try the food that we never had before  that's super delicious. Last Saturday I went to pharmacy to print some photos in that way I could send  it to my family back home so we leave early at the house. he also busy doing errands at the house. We got back home after two. because we went at the yard sale ,he said  me and my little men well going to restaurant and bar with his daughter  my son like to play video games also. I have no doubt to refuse I like going there lol.  he like video games they have many games and fun. however
we could not stay longer because he text me that he is hungry lol. I wonder why he request to stop by at the Filipino store to order pancit and Lumpia and what we did we order it, seems that he like Filipino food now. Before we pick up our order at Filipino store we stop by at Victoria secret we just shopping and we get home  because his  craving  on Pinoy food when I open  the door What a big surprise I see big balloons, Cake, Many type of  food like, turkey, pork barbecue, ham and other kinds of food I was totally speechless  there were many foods in the table. The balloons is really cool because it's patriotic made on American flag, and the cake also I like it almost everything is American flag , it includes  the silver ware and spoons.  Whatta big  wow for me I can't  ask  for more on this I'm   really surprise seriously, he want us to get home early because he set up a party for my Citizenship at the house.  Basically few of our friends are at the house they waiting for me to get home. My Filipino friends also was there I am going to post our pic together  I really appreciated  for his surprise party for me, I cannot ask for more  he make an effort to make my celebration to be special I love him so much, I love him very, very much so amazing so sweet is it. he like to surprise me.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Were invited on her birthday

Our neighbor was invited us to going out for dinner, Its her daughter birthday it a surprise
for me  did not knew we went out dinner it was around five thirty when she just said were going for dinner It's  her daughter's birthday K. her name  is K she's  turn seven on Wednesday  the Mom was working so there's no party happen, she invited us to going out to eat so the girls can hang out with my little man.  My son likes her  friends, the two girls.
 Only she was planning a birthday celebration on the weekend, I was glad our kids meet because their good kids they live close where we live my  little C  can able to hangout with them. I love the fact my Little C get along with them they the same age they both like
rides their scotter and bike  they like outdoors play. After school. they are really cute kids and adorable. take a look on the picture when we went out to eat on her birthday we went to

Italian and Restaurant place forgot the name on it where they have Italian pizza, C had fun with his friends They make their your own pizza they put their sauce and toppings so good because they have fun on it.  I had the Caesar  salad and they were good the  stuffs like crottons  was delish. Not bad price appetizer and dinners. Our server was super cool.

I love the ambiance of the establishment lots of large tables to bring the family together they have a bar too while customer are eating they have live band where you watch they play music awesome.

This pizza was served hot out of the oven and delicious, just how I like it!  Love that way how my son and his friends made the  handmade  pizza  they pretending a chefs good thing he remember his  friends birthday, Also love the fact that there was a guy constantly cleaning the pizza oven both inside and out. Glad to know this place.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Family Night



Photo: :-)

last Thursday we went to his school my son school, they have one night Family affair It's an event for students for the PTA as well, the events include 80"s  Costume contest  for students they have a huge  Silent Auction  book Fair, a catered Carrabas dinner , Bruster ice cream and also they have professional  DJ and many more fun. We just bought ticket for me and my kid the dinner start 5:30 we eat dinner around six in order for us to go to the events and see the dancing contest. I ask my son if he can dress for 80's  costume but he does not like it  after dinner we went to dancing contest and watch the kids dancing with 1980's outfit  it's cool to see the costume. Take a look on my son, strike a posed with his classmates.
We ate Italian food ,I love it because it's delicious I seldom to eat carrabas it's expensive my son having fun to see the kids dancing after a while we went to book fair and bought him a book, as well as we bid on the auction but  didn't win.  I like the way when the school has an event like book fair, carnival fun, Auction ,book fair my son like it so do I because they having a good food, games for kids and rides. My son like hula hoop he only stop once he gets tired after a while he start again hula hooping its a great time for us on that time were both really having fun.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Remembering my hubbys work

 Proton Therapy where hubbys work, at JAX. 

Morning daylight  he went to his boss  they held a party because every year they do as a thanksgiving to the company, he works for many years on this job, Called,  Perry Mc Call Company Inc.  his Job as a  Project Manager.  from contract worker  from the beginning,   started from this company,   he handle a job for big buildings until he promoted.   he train also people who is new in job, hes been in this Job since almost 20 years
he  is often assisted by a project engineer  also employed by the construction company. Project managers are usually based in the contractor's office with part-time on site this is where my hubby work in the office sometimes he stay in the filled.  The Company runs for many years been there before my kid  was born everytime me and my friend pass by on the building I can remember him even now i  never imagine that he lose his life , His my first love its hard to think you know, but life has many offer  I Thanks God  for Everything he make me happy now  Its  happen for a reason.  The building is big what a wondeful job that his done on his life.
On very large projects,  Type of job. superintendents., super-structure superintendents, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection,  superintendents, interior superintendents, craft,trade superintendents and assistant superintendent.  
The project manager and superintendent need to cooperate and share control effectively. Superintendents are almost stationed on the construction site, while project managers are usually based in the contractor's office with part-time on site responsibilities.
On anything other than small projects, he  is often assisted by a project engineer  also employed by the construction company

After years past he bought motorcycle  he can only drove his motorcycle during the weekend or he drove it if he visit his friends usually one time he drive the motorcycle to see his longtime friends which is I  knew because he always come to our house during off work. One time again he went to hang out with his buddy going to buy the accesories to his motorcycle which is good he always telling me whenever he go somewhere he works for many years on this job, Called,  Perry Mc Call Company Inc,  

 superintendent  job is to run the day-to-day operations on the construction site and control the short term schedule  The role of the superintendent also includes important quality control  and subcontractor coordination responsibilities. It is common for most finance-related.  especially labor and material cost. long-term scheduling to be handled by a project manager. The project manager and superintendent need to cooperate and share control effectively he almost retire on this job sad he is gone I know he is happy now in Gods hand.

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Nissan Altima Car I bought


I bought Nissan altima Car last thursday I like the way when I test drive  because it"s good though and dependable to drive and has abundant power and excellent  for fuel,  the Nissan Altima is a practical family sedan that also provides  behind the wheel, I read the reviews so I have idea for this Car good thing it's great to drive.
 When I Test drive I am impressed when I turn the engine  I have to press the button it well be ready to drive,  however when I drove, it  raise the gas up there's something noisy thing on engine I ask the machanical man he say's it's normal for the car because it has 4 cylender and it has also two exhaust on car smoking which is I was drove twice, I like the car make me confusing because sometimes make a noise though and i dont like noisy  :-D   but I well learn to drive this car the car has four -cylinder engine  which is good thing because it's automatic   This  model is come with  variable transmission that salesman  say is responsive and operates smoothly yes its  true it operate smoothly and easy  the powertrain can be loud, especially with the four-cylinder engine. The Altima gets estimated 27/38 mpg city/highway with the base engine, which is great for the class. They says that sharp handling makes the Altima a standout among family sedans, most of which are a snooze to drive.
the front bucket seats make for a comfortable ride I like when i drive the rear seats is great plus have enough space on my assessories also has  plenty of room, the Altima comes standard with Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, keyless entry and push-button start. This is my first time drive this kind of car that you only press the button hold brake and you would ready to drive. The  features include Nissan Connect, which links with smartphone  like Facebook, a 7-inch navigation touch screen, a nine-speaker Bose audio system  and a moonroof.  Cd  safety features it has also assessories for the sunglasses. I thinks have to learn more about this car. I like my new car this is my third car,  since we had the first one Toyota Camry.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My valentines gift

Photo: Fr my someone. Babe  Thanks you so much

Buying gifts for men on any occasion is hard enough, but Valentine's Day really for everybody.
Let's face it  guys are difficult to shop for and we need to think about it before buying for men we can get to figure out what i got from my boyfriend his my man and my life.
 Valentine's Day is tailored made for women, making it super easy to buy for them like chocolate, flowers, dinner and many more.
But guy they're a bit more challenging.  So to help you find a cute gift for your men and yes a romantic  gift to get your boyfriend, I browse the Internet and put together some fun ideas for him it's to late I supposed to get him a signature wallet but its late to buy him like this, never mind I well give him even without Valentines day, everyday is Valentines day for us :-D    I have a plan to buy him.  I well not say anything on here Just guessing. it's surprise  you know haha.  
On valentines day i have something special I would say wow because its very special for me as well as I am also surprise of the gift that I recieve, cool gift, got a box of chocolates, Tulif flower, V-card, and special diamond earings  and wow :-) I am impressed of his kind, and generous person  lucky me anyways before I open the door in the morning to make my coffee  and drink what a surprise he make my eye big I like chocolates  and Tulif flowers and the card as well, like the most the earing  because it's diamond I can't afford diamond lol.  its nice you know felt happy because woman likes diamond either different kind of jewelry i am glad he make me spoiled,  I am already spoiled ever since I was married, before you know me. Thanksful to God this person i meet is thoughtful and kind, can't ask for more love him so much.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Influenster from Vox Box I get for free

My points from Influenster  is important I know that I still have points from them need to get more points so i can get another freebies  I am making my effort to putting big score in that way i would get a free product.  I  Receive  box from Influenster  came with Make up, chocolate box, Docks tape, Towellet for make up remover  and lipstick love the idea to participate in the discussion as well as answering  survey it adds the points to my account.  Constantly you get more free stuffs if you are update everyday. The 
 box  icing on the cake was good, and my lipstick so nice love the color of my lips.  Most of these products are things I haven't  tried before, so genuinely look forward to testing them all  lol. Posting all of my reviews Thanks Influenster like my make up and other stuff. 

The  samples in each box which  they gives me a  good sample to review at one time . I have done reviews before. Even today I Recieve   product for free you need to be smart enough to recieve thestuff, What I've saying Participate in sharing your thought answering question, and answer survey honestly I am pretty sure you get free product from the company.  And   love being involved in sharing my thought,  taking pictures, sharing my opinion are good  because every detail about each item, hopefully I will get to try another points again in that way i get free stuffs.    

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Splendies is great quality undies

The picture I post was from Splendies CompanyThey sending me Undies, The Company Name Splendies   has been sending me good  quality of  underwear It was December when I recieved  my first month subscription. Check it out thier latest product  You can check out also their information through their site  Splendies is a cute underwear subscription package that sends you 3 pairs of pretty panties every month. Pretty sure you would like the underwear that you like plus also they have a different types of color. Now and I'm always excited to see what styles of undies I got. I like the sexy undies  this month  It's really great and sexy underwear  thinking this one is beautiful  for me and the lace is good  though  not itchy at all  very sexy lingerie for me I like the way they sending me this undies it's  affordable  I can see myself   using this for everyday,  

I have another Undies coming check it out  I well going to post again in my next post  they have quality  underwear I am very much happy their latest  product When I  wear  and  use the product  I just chose the small  size for me because I am small good thing it's fits for me.  This is a good  brand underwear  I love it.  its beautiful  Love the color, the cut and the style is a great. Good  company to try out new underwear. It's very inexpensive and the underwear is  pretty good quality. The underwear usually has a lingerie type of feel, but I always think most are practical for everyday  use as well. I've never had a problem with this company and would definitely recommend to you guys. How about you did you wear lingerie or different kind of undies? Check out now.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recieved good christmas present from santa

His Bedroom the Theme is Superman he got from Santa look at that Pajama, Car on his head, Bed sheet, Blanket, body wash, and clocks all of this is superman amazing the brat spoiled in toys.
My son recieve tons of christmas presents from santa on christmas day he recieve this Superman (Twin bed sheet set),  Bed sheet, Blanket, Clock superman, and 1 pellow case , he recieve on christmas  he also recieve  a separate body wash, the iron man with wash cloth  he was happy because he knows I well not buy anymore since he knows that buying  his stuffs like shampoo, body wash and other kind of kids stuffs are expensive unless you pick the cheaper one you can buy it for cheaper anyway.
 some kids like shampoo tooth brush, toothpaste are cool I like their toothpaste because it looks cool it has different kind of character. When I was a kid i never had a Superman toothpaste, blanket either superman clock, my kid is lucky to have many good stuffs from christmas day I hope he well take care all his toys and other stuffs   because when he gets tired to play with he can give it to other
kids that they don't have a toy. He well have to share his toys to his cousins and friends, as well as I would say my son is lucky to have a generous Aunts, Uncle, grandparents and friends I teach him to be learn how to share his toys.

This is such an awesome product. The material is very soft and comfortable, I change the color of his bed sheet and blanket, I must say he has many things like toys I don't buy  many last christmas since we know santa well bring some stuffs on christmas day.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ice skating make my legs sore

Last friday we went ice skating I was bet excited because I never done ice skating i was like yes i well try skating we went there and I rent skating shoes and start skating on ice at first  I'm kind of happy and feel good because i could stand on my feet and I could adjust my shoes, after a while fell like my feet is to small on my shoes and I was started having a hard time for skating on ice my feet is heavy to left up and i started feel down until i strip my right feet hard to balance between my two legs because the ice is slippery I could not stand it  I don't  know why probably I am learning how  to balance my feet and then its kind of hard because the ice skating rink is very cold Gosh if i well not hold maybe I always strip over, While I was watching other people there were women behind me good thing she said take my hand then I stand and hold the skating ring.
 Oh my  its hard to move around when you well not get used to it skating are good  relaxation and technique, but I keep my legs as steady as possible. Learning for skating is kind of hard  specialy I never done this before. Good thing I walk  little bet  its help to give my  ankle support and help to get used to the friction of the ice. I walk around the edge of the rink while holding the wall I could say I"m not going to skate on the ice again I feel like I could not skate without holding the rink probably need more practice ha Its a good experience for me being skating on the ice.

Before I was  only watching figure skating on TV and they had some fun time between events  which they filled in with accidents in couples figure skating. If the guy is holding the girl up over his head and he trips, and she takes him with her. It's a terribly dangerous sport. Its  painful sports  and people who doesn't know skating  half a second  you well  down on the ice and that makes me scared to death. its good experience on this sports I probably say it was wonderful time to spend the kids together I knew after this experience on skating I well not skate hehe  I should try different sport I guess.