Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ice skating make my legs sore

Last friday we went ice skating I was bet excited because I never done ice skating i was like yes i well try skating we went there and I rent skating shoes and start skating on ice at first  I'm kind of happy and feel good because i could stand on my feet and I could adjust my shoes, after a while fell like my feet is to small on my shoes and I was started having a hard time for skating on ice my feet is heavy to left up and i started feel down until i strip my right feet hard to balance between my two legs because the ice is slippery I could not stand it  I don't  know why probably I am learning how  to balance my feet and then its kind of hard because the ice skating rink is very cold Gosh if i well not hold maybe I always strip over, While I was watching other people there were women behind me good thing she said take my hand then I stand and hold the skating ring.
 Oh my  its hard to move around when you well not get used to it skating are good  relaxation and technique, but I keep my legs as steady as possible. Learning for skating is kind of hard  specialy I never done this before. Good thing I walk  little bet  its help to give my  ankle support and help to get used to the friction of the ice. I walk around the edge of the rink while holding the wall I could say I"m not going to skate on the ice again I feel like I could not skate without holding the rink probably need more practice ha Its a good experience for me being skating on the ice.

Before I was  only watching figure skating on TV and they had some fun time between events  which they filled in with accidents in couples figure skating. If the guy is holding the girl up over his head and he trips, and she takes him with her. It's a terribly dangerous sport. Its  painful sports  and people who doesn't know skating  half a second  you well  down on the ice and that makes me scared to death. its good experience on this sports I probably say it was wonderful time to spend the kids together I knew after this experience on skating I well not skate hehe  I should try different sport I guess.

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