Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Influenster from Vox Box I get for free

My points from Influenster  is important I know that I still have points from them need to get more points so i can get another freebies  I am making my effort to putting big score in that way i would get a free product.  I  Receive  box from Influenster  came with Make up, chocolate box, Docks tape, Towellet for make up remover  and lipstick love the idea to participate in the discussion as well as answering  survey it adds the points to my account.  Constantly you get more free stuffs if you are update everyday. The 
 box  icing on the cake was good, and my lipstick so nice love the color of my lips.  Most of these products are things I haven't  tried before, so genuinely look forward to testing them all  lol. Posting all of my reviews Thanks Influenster like my make up and other stuff. 

The  samples in each box which  they gives me a  good sample to review at one time . I have done reviews before. Even today I Recieve   product for free you need to be smart enough to recieve thestuff, What I've saying Participate in sharing your thought answering question, and answer survey honestly I am pretty sure you get free product from the company.  And   love being involved in sharing my thought,  taking pictures, sharing my opinion are good  because every detail about each item, hopefully I will get to try another points again in that way i get free stuffs.    

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