Sunday, February 16, 2014

My valentines gift

Photo: Fr my someone. Babe  Thanks you so much

Buying gifts for men on any occasion is hard enough, but Valentine's Day really for everybody.
Let's face it  guys are difficult to shop for and we need to think about it before buying for men we can get to figure out what i got from my boyfriend his my man and my life.
 Valentine's Day is tailored made for women, making it super easy to buy for them like chocolate, flowers, dinner and many more.
But guy they're a bit more challenging.  So to help you find a cute gift for your men and yes a romantic  gift to get your boyfriend, I browse the Internet and put together some fun ideas for him it's to late I supposed to get him a signature wallet but its late to buy him like this, never mind I well give him even without Valentines day, everyday is Valentines day for us :-D    I have a plan to buy him.  I well not say anything on here Just guessing. it's surprise  you know haha.  
On valentines day i have something special I would say wow because its very special for me as well as I am also surprise of the gift that I recieve, cool gift, got a box of chocolates, Tulif flower, V-card, and special diamond earings  and wow :-) I am impressed of his kind, and generous person  lucky me anyways before I open the door in the morning to make my coffee  and drink what a surprise he make my eye big I like chocolates  and Tulif flowers and the card as well, like the most the earing  because it's diamond I can't afford diamond lol.  its nice you know felt happy because woman likes diamond either different kind of jewelry i am glad he make me spoiled,  I am already spoiled ever since I was married, before you know me. Thanksful to God this person i meet is thoughtful and kind, can't ask for more love him so much.

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