Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A surprise party for me

I couldn't believe my sweet boyfriend surprised me a party on Saturday if you remember I've done my oath taking on my Citizenship ceremony  last Tuesday During that time  we order Japanese food to take out to  get home and eat we do this we knew he is  going to work at night as well as his friends also going to work early.  I am totally happy that I am citizen at last I am not renewing  my GC anymore however I well apply my Dual  citizen when I get back there in Ph.  I have to go consulate or closer Embassy and accepting an application for dual citizen  Anyhow after the ceremony was taken we went home and eat dinner Japanese food I love Japanese food as it is my favorite I  like sushi, and Sashimi  sushi and  sashimi it  mixed with soy sauce in the small sauce dish sashimi is product of the Sake rice wine mix 

I am so happy on this occasion because my Bf  order the food, in  Japanese, he make me special. we have a bunce of food that night on Tuesday. his friends is Japanese so he order different type of  Raw seafood and other food. He also order a cook food, although it's good to try the food that we never had before  that's super delicious. Last Saturday I went to pharmacy to print some photos in that way I could send  it to my family back home so we leave early at the house. he also busy doing errands at the house. We got back home after two. because we went at the yard sale ,he said  me and my little men well going to restaurant and bar with his daughter  my son like to play video games also. I have no doubt to refuse I like going there lol.  he like video games they have many games and fun. however
we could not stay longer because he text me that he is hungry lol. I wonder why he request to stop by at the Filipino store to order pancit and Lumpia and what we did we order it, seems that he like Filipino food now. Before we pick up our order at Filipino store we stop by at Victoria secret we just shopping and we get home  because his  craving  on Pinoy food when I open  the door What a big surprise I see big balloons, Cake, Many type of  food like, turkey, pork barbecue, ham and other kinds of food I was totally speechless  there were many foods in the table. The balloons is really cool because it's patriotic made on American flag, and the cake also I like it almost everything is American flag , it includes  the silver ware and spoons.  Whatta big  wow for me I can't  ask  for more on this I'm   really surprise seriously, he want us to get home early because he set up a party for my Citizenship at the house.  Basically few of our friends are at the house they waiting for me to get home. My Filipino friends also was there I am going to post our pic together  I really appreciated  for his surprise party for me, I cannot ask for more  he make an effort to make my celebration to be special I love him so much, I love him very, very much so amazing so sweet is it. he like to surprise me.

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