Saturday, April 5, 2014

Family Night



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last Thursday we went to his school my son school, they have one night Family affair It's an event for students for the PTA as well, the events include 80"s  Costume contest  for students they have a huge  Silent Auction  book Fair, a catered Carrabas dinner , Bruster ice cream and also they have professional  DJ and many more fun. We just bought ticket for me and my kid the dinner start 5:30 we eat dinner around six in order for us to go to the events and see the dancing contest. I ask my son if he can dress for 80's  costume but he does not like it  after dinner we went to dancing contest and watch the kids dancing with 1980's outfit  it's cool to see the costume. Take a look on my son, strike a posed with his classmates.
We ate Italian food ,I love it because it's delicious I seldom to eat carrabas it's expensive my son having fun to see the kids dancing after a while we went to book fair and bought him a book, as well as we bid on the auction but  didn't win.  I like the way when the school has an event like book fair, carnival fun, Auction ,book fair my son like it so do I because they having a good food, games for kids and rides. My son like hula hoop he only stop once he gets tired after a while he start again hula hooping its a great time for us on that time were both really having fun.

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