Friday, April 18, 2014

Were invited on her birthday

Our neighbor was invited us to going out for dinner, Its her daughter birthday it a surprise
for me  did not knew we went out dinner it was around five thirty when she just said were going for dinner It's  her daughter's birthday K. her name  is K she's  turn seven on Wednesday  the Mom was working so there's no party happen, she invited us to going out to eat so the girls can hang out with my little man.  My son likes her  friends, the two girls.
 Only she was planning a birthday celebration on the weekend, I was glad our kids meet because their good kids they live close where we live my  little C  can able to hangout with them. I love the fact my Little C get along with them they the same age they both like
rides their scotter and bike  they like outdoors play. After school. they are really cute kids and adorable. take a look on the picture when we went out to eat on her birthday we went to

Italian and Restaurant place forgot the name on it where they have Italian pizza, C had fun with his friends They make their your own pizza they put their sauce and toppings so good because they have fun on it.  I had the Caesar  salad and they were good the  stuffs like crottons  was delish. Not bad price appetizer and dinners. Our server was super cool.

I love the ambiance of the establishment lots of large tables to bring the family together they have a bar too while customer are eating they have live band where you watch they play music awesome.

This pizza was served hot out of the oven and delicious, just how I like it!  Love that way how my son and his friends made the  handmade  pizza  they pretending a chefs good thing he remember his  friends birthday, Also love the fact that there was a guy constantly cleaning the pizza oven both inside and out. Glad to know this place.

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