Monday, June 2, 2014

I recieve Spring VoxBox from Influenster Perfect for summer

I am member on VoxBox Insfluenster. the Insfluenster is a community tastemakers, social media that  educated consumers who  give opinions of products and review the product they are great programs  people with specific interests  If your  a member you have to make sure Unlock 5 Expert Badges answer question as you can raising score, and make it update as soon as you can for me I answer question as well as I also doing survey I am glad I have rewards from them after spending time.  
if you are a member if your not a member you can't answer it. Members only have 5 keys with which to unlock expert badges, I am thrilled to  received my VoxBox  I love the variety of items,  like French Manicure for my nails, Car Freshener, Nivea Lotion, Playtex, and Lips care I do appreciated for giving the opportunity to review the product I thanks for them this is so cool for giving me the opportunity to try  these wonderful products.

Who would love to receive  box  filled with glam products  and I am lucky to receive this.  The weather is very warm here this is perfect for me  I need a lotion for my dry skin, I also use the mascara for my eyelashes make it look pretty, French Manicure is one of my favorite also I do my nails once a week or every other week its really good for nails Anyone would love this product because it's really great awesome.

thoughts and ideas with others and beauty products. Women love beauty product glad they sent me this

 I spend a lot of time online I know its not  easy after all   the hard work I have receive product for free  on  my honest opinion  the box full of amazing products to test including Eye Mascara, French Manicure Nails, Car Freshener, Nivea Lotion, Playtex and Lip Care. I would like to thank Influenster for giving me the opportunity to test these wonderful products.




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