Friday, August 15, 2014

Gone on vacation

 Started this month with a lot of works to do, don't  know where to start we have long vacation in Phil, I would say I forget how to start I am glad  when I check my computer   I start reading my old blogs which I knew I am behind I would say I supposed not to write because for some reason I got many stuffs to do since were gone for more than a month.   I m going into change my blog, its boring I could change the theme and color for now  because I want something looking new  blogs are required to be interesting right  If you want a solid return on your conten-marketing investment or reader  then you are forbidden from being boring. On my mind I could discuss other features of  my blog  such as the need for pictures, the diversity of content  the use of humor, etc,

 there’s been a lot of adjustments here and there.  feel like working online is pretty much stress sometimes but  it takes a  little bit of time  before my blogs get back up. used to be  I join blog hope on my friends on social media but I rather minimize it I have to fix the things that I need to be done I’ve been waking up in the  day and night our sleeping time is still not getting back yet we still have jetlag, Jet lag is temporary only  if you are a frequent traveler and  struggle with jet lag. Our hours in sleeping is night time  and when I am wake up its already night sleeping afternoon.  sometimes daytime,  I sleep only with in four  hours in that way I can sleep again during at night. My son  getting better on his sleeping sometimes he said his eyes is watery and painful but I told him it well be get back into normal when he start going to school. yesterday he is happy, said Mom I sleep last night, said good for you.  our time zone in Phil. is 12 hours  different  I am happy we get back our normal sleep, doing everything squeeze in between.

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