Thursday, September 4, 2014

Enjoying his bath

We  know that we had a memorable experience and enjoyed our vacation in last Month glad my son can adjust  the weather good thing we have a great time over there.  At first it's  difficult because seems that he does not like the  cold water to put on his tub  taking a bath on the Pale  from  the faucet I mean,  but he does not like it.  I boil water and mix with cold water then when he takes a bath it is warm that makes him happy already he jus said I want to take a bath Mom, with boiled water.
haha. I was laughing I  agree for that his not get used to it taking a bath in the cold water is very Cold because living in America has a hot shower although I have no problem at all when it comes
to taking a bath or using bathroom I can deal with that I been living in America for many years I can adjust with it  after a couple of days good thing he can get used to it.

But after a couple of days again  I am happy that my son is cooperative his happy to tell me that he likes to taking a bath on the tub with warm water, Boil water and put it in the tub taking a bath everyday which is good  because it makes him fell cool its very hot everyday we have   aircon   in the house  but we did not  used very often because the bills gets  higher  he usually went to swimming  everyday in that way he feel cool as well as he went to the park with uncle V.  to play outside  I am glad were able to keep busy everyday same routine. There were many things to say about our vacation I can feel that it's good to live over there,  Both I like to live here in America  and I like to live in Phil. either way.

When we  travel of course we get sick but normally its only minor like  coughing and cold due to hot weather there and also it gets rains sometimes  during afternoon both me and my son had  been  sick so we take  medicine from the Doctor and  take relaxing time not to get out on the house  great we all gets better Its wonderful time to spend with my  family. I'm hoping we can take vacation in a next few years.  

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