Thursday, September 18, 2014

St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Savanna G.

5 of 5 starsWe went out of town of  my Birthday  I was so happy because I am gonna see the Savanna Georgia place which is I heard from a friend of mine its absolutely beautiful.  And its true its  very nice when we went there it was breathtaking I seen many beautiful old houses, businesses, Condos, and many more aside on this I seen also carrousel horse ride they called it Horse carriage.  This is  tourist spot for people who is going to visit  down there from other countries as well as this place is amazing they were many celebrities filming here.

I could not imagine its way to old but looks really beautiful the Old buildings, stores, City hall and other businesses. We were walking the street  taking in the sights upon this cathedral taking some pictures  definitely worth your time to stop in and admire the architecture inside. They don't charge admission up to you can put donation in it.  I could say wow very  beautiful  ever.  The one that I am impressed  were the Beautiful Old Church which is they Called  St John the Baptist catholic church not only this church also the Hotels, and other transfortation like trolly its like a Bus you can pay the Trolly Bus and they gonna tour you for 2 hours I bit it worth because you well not tired seeing the beautiful places.  That impressed me.You must visit and see the beautiful, ornate cathedral.

You must visit St. John the Baptist Cathedral  Catholic church  the detail of the Stations of the Cross blew my mind.  The glass work on the Confessional was so beautiful  The entire inside  is an Amazing Work of Art the  archetic is very good to works you must be  seen or visit I'm pretty sure you well amaze how beautiful it was.  I was visiting Savannah with my friends for my  belated Birthday trip  This Cathedral was on the list of things to see and I'm so glad we didn't miss it. It is absolutely beautiful. It took less than an hour to see the church and it wasn't crowded at all.  We took our time and took in the beauty of the stained glass windows. So gorgeous ever certainly don't have churches this beautiful in  florida  I've seen cathedrals this nice in  Manila Philippines  they were many there at Intramorous  Philippines. They are different  in here because its in America its very Old place as you can see more than 100 years old cant you believe that I never seen in other Place in America  Anyways I thankful to my friends and my Bf.  Thanks God I seen in Person  Make this must see on my  list  next trip. 



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