Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I been searching for the lowest flights to Australia, California, and Las Vegas who well  helping us to choose a great deal for  ticket. the  flight, this time is still expensive I knew that looking a ticket for travel is not fun  ticket have many selection  google and google until you find the best rate  it was great idea to compare the price as well as looking early in the morning for ticket best idea because I done this before.    I ask my cousin  if we could  take vacation on Australia and she said  search on  the internet and I just did it, was totally shock it was cost a lot same like Ph. about the same  travel in The Philippines I was like omg   I would interested to see  Australia and visit my cousin as well as  her husband  also, But the ticket is so pricy I have other options other than this  look for a  good place for our planning on vacation, Hoping Las Vegas, California, and Disneyland. Although we been too Disneyworld last week in Orlando at Epcot  hoping we well come back there who knows someday.

 My Friend from last Vegas suggested to look for a ticket to make sure we didn't need anything, or had any questions. She was been working in company for a couple of years now.  Anything and everything else we needed  up for our trip.  A many years ago  There was no  issue  on our  trip we travel every two years sometimes every three years  it was fun though. Luckily, we didn't run into any problems at the airport  actually  one of my friend ask question regarding her daughter  upcoming trip all I can say to her not to bring many stuffs not exist 16 lbs . otherwise she indeed up to pay the excess baggage.

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