Thursday, May 14, 2015

Looking for Clothes

I went to Khol'  and TJ Max.   Its is a store that sells all kinds of clothing and accessories for ladies and Men and children.  It  is spring they were sale now  and maybe all of the shopping are  having this kind of promos and Clearance it depends on the brand that you would like to buy although what I want to look is  summer outfit or clothes for my son in that way he can have outfit to wear on the summer

When I went inside the store last week  I started looking for clothes that are on sale Indeed  I found many of them I think  These  are perfect for me and my son so I bought it since I have a member card from them I could have big deal which is I bought it from clearance at the end the ladies said  I have $10  cash back so I used the 10   I just bought my kid a swimming trunk  other than that I bought also for myself  this spring season they are  many sales   I only want to buy that I can wear on the summer plus I buy etc. I grab the good deals isn't right :-)  . but since I found a lot that are on sale, I told myself, whatt a wow lol.  I save a lot of $$$ and some some are even mark  3 dollars   each . The original prices  ranges  $19.99 and  39.99 I only bought it very cheap.

For sure  will be happy for these stuffs that I bought and I can wear it.   There is saying " What is little money if you make people happy especially your family as well  I am right.
If you want to save money when you go shopping, watch out for sale That's a good and smart idea for yourself  and your family too  why not  buy items that are on sale and save money.   Yey   I am so Happy.               

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