Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Birthday again

Its  nice to hear that somebody sent you a gift card what I mean is myself it was my birthday last 9/11 Friday nice to know that people in my life is great and so generous  they sent me $50 gift card from khols also next day somebody sent me $20  I am lucky to have them in my life I cant's ask more its been a great year for me even though I think about my family back in Phil. I have also gators dress and jacket whohoo we are gators football fans aw they play this coming weekend. I thankful mostly to god because I am healthy.
 way back many years ago I celebrate my birthday with them that's life you have to remember that life in America is different without your family beside you when it comes on birthday. I thankful to God I have few friends who keep in touch with me although few of my friends is not my long time friends but they are very, very nice people I thanks God they came into my life . since we moved

I meet true people and very nice also. In other side in town I have friends which I called friend, only. u know what I mean nothing else is hard to explain basically my longtime friends who I always keep in touch is in my country Philippines, were friends more than a decade I mean more than 20 years because they are my childhood friends single until we married aw . I used to married before long time ago haha..

I am so happy because my friends   are generous couldn't ask for more thanks God you made my day special. definitely I save the card I well keep it first  not  thinking for shopping.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Birthday present

On My Birthday last Sept. 11th I got this for myself I had many gift  loved it, I knew I seldom to shopping but because its my birthday I grab the opportunity to pamper myself  definitely the stores like Khols and VS are sending me a gift on my Birthday which is good I am up to date when it comes for paying the bills I don't wait  to long to pay for that's why I got a gift from them because I'm updated and also loyal customer from this shopping store I surprised because they sent me $10  the VS sent me also a gift  I appreciate for that gift. After my birthday I shopping and I used the gifts that I receive.  Here's the stuffs that I got.   Foundation for face  which is always great .I have been using foundation for many years and really like it. One of my favorite products is the eye liner. I also love the lip gloss and  mascara.  The other is 2 pair of earings  from khols too. the fact that their earings is nice .
I use the bare minerals products daily these products help me to continue to look 15 years younger sight   lol .    I trust these products to be of excellent they  have a good  quality and  good value easy to apply has a good value long lasting and has a great pigmentation. .

 My favorite product out of this kit is by far the lip gloss.   I absolutely love  it and  have been using it  whenever I going out  I love the cooling effect the gloss I love  the mascara as well   after an hour  putting the eyeliner it does not  smudged under my lashes so its good  creating a raccoon look. haha.. although I demonstrate myself to put make up just see how pretty with make up and without make up. Overall, I like it because its a gift I did not spend to much money.  Anyways I am not done discuss how much the cost  of my purse the perfume the pink one although its nice  though on my next blog you well know  lol

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When you pack your Balikbayan Box

Well I send already my BB Box I am sure it well arrive there safely. I had a  discounts for  it since I sent 3 boxes on. The price per box is good  in the entire state and is very fair, competitive and set at the lowest rate  It  has  never had a price increase its the same price since I lived in America the price are the same even couple of years ago.I thankful I have many clothes from me and My kid also he has many outgrow shirts to give it to his cousins the rest is house stuff and many more.

When packaging your balikbayan box, several things you need to make sure of are
1. Box should be sturdy
2. Pack the box tight so that it would not bend or dent when another box is on top of it
3. Securing fragile items with foam, bubble wrap or other protective casing, so as they would not crack or break during its month long journey
4. Using good packaging tape like duct/masking tape or shippers tape
5. Clear labeling of who you are sending your BB box to
6. Do not send anything that will spoil or is perishable was concerned with the box getting wet and soggy from the outside  even though  had a pretty thick box, so I lined the bottom of my box with plastic then bubble wrap for extra cushion. I did the same later on the sides and the top of the box before sealing it.

Balikbayan  Boxes can be bought at Filipino groceries and door to door cargo offices worldwide and are delivered by the cargo forwarders company within a 30-40 -50  day period and a 10-15 for air cargo. This is much  faster than relying on Philippine Postal delivery time.

In the California, it takes about 28-35 days for the Balikbayan Box to ship to the Philippines and give another 2-3 days  because they are shipped literally via sea cargo.  Areas like New York, Chicago and Florida may take about 45-48 days for the boxes to arrive since they need to be sent to the Los Angeles shipping.

Depending on which country an OFW lives and company that does the cargo forwarding, delivery rates and limitations differ. One door to door cargo company  charges about $55.00. In the US, if you live in the West Coast, most cargo companies may charge between $40.00-60.00 while states like New York, Illinois and Florida can charge you up to $70.00 minimum since they deliver all the boxes to a port in Los Angeles.
The most popular used company of choice is LBC  which has branch locations in the UAE, USA, UK, Japan, and even Canada whose services also extends from cargo delivery to money and bank remittances