Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Birthday again

Its  nice to hear that somebody sent you a gift card what I mean is myself it was my birthday last 9/11 Friday nice to know that people in my life is great and so generous  they sent me $50 gift card from khols also next day somebody sent me $20  I am lucky to have them in my life I cant's ask more its been a great year for me even though I think about my family back in Phil. I have also gators dress and jacket whohoo we are gators football fans aw they play this coming weekend. I thankful mostly to god because I am healthy.
 way back many years ago I celebrate my birthday with them that's life you have to remember that life in America is different without your family beside you when it comes on birthday. I thankful to God I have few friends who keep in touch with me although few of my friends is not my long time friends but they are very, very nice people I thanks God they came into my life . since we moved

I meet true people and very nice also. In other side in town I have friends which I called friend, only. u know what I mean nothing else is hard to explain basically my longtime friends who I always keep in touch is in my country Philippines, were friends more than a decade I mean more than 20 years because they are my childhood friends single until we married aw . I used to married before long time ago haha..

I am so happy because my friends   are generous couldn't ask for more thanks God you made my day special. definitely I save the card I well keep it first  not  thinking for shopping.

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