Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Birthday present

On My Birthday last Sept. 11th I got this for myself I had many gift  loved it, I knew I seldom to shopping but because its my birthday I grab the opportunity to pamper myself  definitely the stores like Khols and VS are sending me a gift on my Birthday which is good I am up to date when it comes for paying the bills I don't wait  to long to pay for that's why I got a gift from them because I'm updated and also loyal customer from this shopping store I surprised because they sent me $10  the VS sent me also a gift  I appreciate for that gift. After my birthday I shopping and I used the gifts that I receive.  Here's the stuffs that I got.   Foundation for face  which is always great .I have been using foundation for many years and really like it. One of my favorite products is the eye liner. I also love the lip gloss and  mascara.  The other is 2 pair of earings  from khols too. the fact that their earings is nice .
I use the bare minerals products daily these products help me to continue to look 15 years younger sight   lol .    I trust these products to be of excellent they  have a good  quality and  good value easy to apply has a good value long lasting and has a great pigmentation. .

 My favorite product out of this kit is by far the lip gloss.   I absolutely love  it and  have been using it  whenever I going out  I love the cooling effect the gloss I love  the mascara as well   after an hour  putting the eyeliner it does not  smudged under my lashes so its good  creating a raccoon look. haha.. although I demonstrate myself to put make up just see how pretty with make up and without make up. Overall, I like it because its a gift I did not spend to much money.  Anyways I am not done discuss how much the cost  of my purse the perfume the pink one although its nice  though on my next blog you well know  lol

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